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Nathan Fletcher – Code Red

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The boat launches were closed and one of the biggest swells in over a decade was slamming onto the reef at Teahupoo Tahiti.  Big wave surfers from all over the world came together to meet this swell at the end of the road.  It happened to occur right in the middle of the ASP World Tour event too.  Nathan Fletcher whipped into this wave on his first wave of the day.  I’d flown in the night before with Taylor Steele as we had plans to document a crew of surfers chasing this swell from Tahiti all the way to Alaska in a film titled “This Time Tomorrow.”  We couldn’t get a boat so I had borrowed a surfboard from a friend and paddled out from the beach to shoot.  When this wave came in it felt like the whole ocean was coming onto the reef, I did my best to paddle as hard as I could to get out of the way and once the wave hit the West Bowl, I sat up, fired three frames, then continued to paddle as hard as I could to get to the safety of the channel.  Nathan on the other hand, stayed strong over his board until the wave ate him up.

Approximate image sizes are 15"X 22" on 18X24" and 24" x 36" on the 30" x 40" 

All images printed on Hahnemule Cotton Rag paper

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